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Since isn’t mandatory, why I should to do the free registration?

Even you could “surf” in each area of the website without signing you up, the registration allow you to save in your wished list those wedding venues and services that you may prefer and your conversations with them.

What is the wish list? Why I have to use it?

The wish list is a mean that give you the possibility to save in your private area, venues and services that you think are useful for your wedding.
You could send messages directly from the web site. In this way you could control, just in one space, all the notice you may have with venues and services (such as estimate, availability, suggestions, etc..). Having all in one place, make wedding planning easiest.

What about my personal data?

The personal data gave during the signing up are using in accordance with the current privacy regulations. You never will receive any spam or advertising e-mail! Moreover, you can choose a personal username and a password to enter in your private area. Finally, at any time, you can cancel your registration

Planning a perfect wedding in Italy ! selects constantly locations and services to offer you a wide range of solutions and choices. Enjoy yourself to explore our numerous section to easily organize each aspect of your wedding: not just wedding venues but also caterer, flower arrangements, music…because the choice of how the best day of your life should be it’s just yours!

How can I contact a wedding venue or a supplier?

To contact venues or suppliers it’s really easy. Once you enter in details of each venue/supplier you just have to click on the button “Contact us” . As an alternative you can also contact our wedding experts, glad to help you free of charge, at any time.

Why I don’t see the real name of wedding venues and suppliers?

To make your web surfing easy, we chose to give to wedding venues and services a descriptive name that better represent its main features. This allows you to find quickly what you are looking for!

When I find what I like, how can I proceed?

Once you find what might be right for you and you want take an appointment for a site inspection or meet a supplier, contact information, the address of the venue/supplier and other details will be shared.

Fairly suggestions and advices from a buddy … has at its disposal skilled staff ready to give you tips and suggestions. You can contact us directly or fill in the form "Discover you wedding venue" that you find on each page of the website. A help is always at your hand to offer solutions to your needs and advise you at best!

All right, it will be the usual automatically reply ...

No automatic answerA internal wedding expert will answer personally to all of your questions in a short time and in according to your needs. Also this costumer support doesn’t have any cost ... never ever!

How do you know what I like?

The form you have to fill in includes all the necessary information to understand how and where you would like to organize your wedding. Across our experience and with the information you will give us we could recommend exactly what you are looking for!

Who knows how much it will cost…

Absolutely nothing! offers for free above customer services. Suggestions, advices, e-mail exchange with our internal wedding experts, make appointments with suppliers and organize site inspections etc.. All of this will not have any cost for you, even one penny.