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B0638 - Il Piacere... 

Il Piacere...

Venue Details

Il Piacere... is a romantic wedding venue in Tuscany. This Catering is perfect to plan your wedding in Italy and host a romantic wedding reception in Prato, Tuscany.

Type: Catering

Region: Tuscany

Province: Prato

City: Prato

Venue Features

Active since: 1996

Services offered: High Level Catering and Banqueting.

Price range:

Price included: Stand buffet aperitif and served lunch or dinner.

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About us ...

The wedding reception is art for us to cultivate with professionally and dedication. Your wedding is an event that we want to realize at the highest levels.

Starting Price

What includes the price?

Tuscan apetizer served at buffet and huge wedding menu served at the table, for a minimum guaranteed of 90 people. Wedding planner available for advice about the logistics of various moments of the wedding reception.

Services available on request and not included in the price

Floral decoration for table and buffet corner, marquee and their assembling, set-up with torches and candles etc.


For children in the age up to 7 years, the price will be 70% on the menu for adults. Over 8 year old we apply the same rate.