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B0637 - G&L Catering 

G&L Catering

Venue Details

G&L Catering is a romantic wedding venue in Tuscany. This Catering is perfect to plan your wedding in Italy and host a romantic wedding reception in Florence, Tuscany.

Type: Catering

Region: Tuscany

Province: Florence

City: Florence

Venue Features

Active since: 1910

Services offered: Gourmet Catering and organization of events.

Price range:

Price included: Stand aperitif with buffet and seating meal.

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About us ...

Catering service of great prestige that follows from A to Z your event, with proven professionalism and passion.

Starting Price

What includes the price?

Refined menu, from the aperitif to the open bar, wedding cake, wines and drinks included. Elegant set-up of the buffet, crystal glass, under plate, silverware, cutlery, plate and design plate etc.. It 'will be one waiter each 10 people. The price is guaranteed for a minimum of 40 people and 7 hours service.

Services available on request and not included in the price

Extra corner; menu for staff; menu for children; special set up.

Reservation Policy

A deposit of 30% is asked for the confirmation. 30 gg before the event we ask another 30%. The rest (extra excluded) has to be paid after the event. An invoice will be issued for each event.