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B0841 - Lombardy Banqueting 

Lombardy Banqueting

Service Details

Lombardy Banqueting is a great wedding Catering to host a unique reception in Lombardy. This Catering is perfect for you to plan a great wedding in Varese, Lombardy.

Type: Catering

Region: Lombardy

Province: Varese

City: Saronno

Service Features

Active since: 1992

Services offered: Catering, Banqueting and business event.

Price range:

Price included: Cocktail price per person.

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About us ...

Company that works in medium-high level of catering service and can satisfy any customer needs. The day of the wedding is a special day where you crown a dream and everything should be perfect. To make this day perfect, many essencial points have to be cared. Put the organization in charge of a company with 20 years of experience, made this dream comes true with real success.

Starting Price

What includes the price?

Basic price per person for a Cocktail Menu.

Services available on request and not included in the price

Event organization, arrangements, marquee, wedding planning service. International food.


We manage over 100 locations in the Region and two of them with exclusive use.

Also working in:

Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna.