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M0863 - Music & Love 

Music & Love

Venue Details

Music & Love is a romantic wedding venue in Lombardy. This Music is perfect to plan your wedding in Italy and host a romantic wedding reception in Milan, Lombardy.

Type: Music

Region: Lombardy

Province: Milan

City: Gorgonzola

Venue Features

Active since: 2010

Services offered: Music for Event.

Price range:

Price included: Duo, singer and musician.

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About us ...

Music in Love are the best player for event, concert, weddings, ceremony and party of any kind. We will provide to you skillness, passion and professionality as a base of a complete, personalized and unique service. With the best selection of musicians and music - from jazz to latino america to pop, from gospel to dance, to ballroom music to rock - we are able to satisfy every request and you should find your right soundtrack. Music in Love we'll look for the perfect solution for you. We will understand your desire to convert them to the right music proposal for each moment.

Starting Price

What includes the price?

Duo, singer and musician (ex. singer + keyboard, singer+sax, singer+violin, ecc..).

More services offered

BAND: to start from Euro 350 (ex. trio/quartet/quintet jazz, band of age '70, folk band, ethnic band, etc..); DJ and ENTERTAINER: to start from Euro 200,00 (ex. dj, vocalist, group dancing, karaoke, magician, caricaturist, etc..); CLASSIC ENSAMBLE: to start form Euro 350,00 (ex. violins, cellos, flutes, arps, piano, clarinets, operatic, etc..).

Services available on request and not included in the price

With our musicians you will also find the experience of several professional that collaborate with Music in Love.