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M0601 - La Filarmonica 

La Filarmonica

Venue Details

La Filarmonica is a romantic wedding venue in Emilia Romagna. This Music is perfect to plan your wedding in Italy and host a romantic wedding reception in Modena, Emilia Romagna.

Type: Music

Region: Emilia Romagna

Province: Modena

City: Ravarino

Venue Features

Active since: 2007

Services offered: Brass quartet.

Price range:

Price included: Service at the ceremony.

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About us ...

We are four graduated brass players with many years of art and concert experience. Choose a bass quartet for Church ceremony is an original choice and perfect for this location, because in orgin they were sacred music accompaniment. Moreover, them lovely sound go smoothly with the ceremony.

Starting Price

What includes the price?

Just ceremony playing the major author such as Mendelsshon, Mozart, Haendel, Bach, Pachelbel, Ortolani and others.

More services offered

Ceremony, aperitif and dinner at about Euro 1.200.

Services available on request and not included in the price

Transfer outside Arezzo area.


Beyond the ceremony, our service is also perfect for any other day time, as well as the aperitif or dancing. Each element came from rock, ska, pop, funky and jazz band.