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F0851 - Video Professional 

Video Professional

Venue Details

Video Professional is a romantic wedding venue in Veneto. This Photo & Video is perfect to plan your wedding in Italy and host a romantic wedding reception in Venice, Veneto.

Type: Photo & Video

Region: Veneto

Province: Venice

City: San Donà di Piave

Venue Features

Active since: 2005

Services offered: Photo and Video.

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About us ...

We are a young business company that works in Veneto Region. After many years of salaried work in several studio we now work together in to the planning and creating of professional video and commercials for cinema, TV and new media, with special care to social media. Our Team is made up of skilled person which aim is to communicate effectively with a target of spectator exploiting the experience of animation and special effects. With a media overview, that changes every day, we harshly work to offer and develop new method to reach and satisfy more people.

Services available on request and not included in the price

Commercial, backstage, animation signature tune, web-series, weddings and many other: any service you need we will give you our best attention, skillness and creativity to realize with our best.


We use all the last software innovation to adjusting the photos and to edit Video in Full HD and 3D.