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F0901 - Alex Wedding Photographer 

Alex Wedding Photographer

Venue Details

Alex Wedding Photographer is a romantic wedding venue in Campania. This Photo & Video is perfect to plan your wedding in Italy and host a romantic wedding reception in Salerno, Campania.

Type: Photo & Video

Region: Campania

Province: Salerno

City: Cava de Tirreni

Venue Features

Active since: 2006

Services offered: Artistic pictures, photo journalism.

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About us ...

Alex wedding phographer is a factory of ideas, point of view on reality, able to write a "record time" personal and never dull. With his personality and his creative tendencies research and experiments wtih new techinques, to extremes and distorting what are the canons of classical photography, the lights are great, unimaginable, wisley measured, the contrasting backgrounds masterfully with the subjects to be protrayed, making the photograph is no longer an end in itself but witness a unique moment where happiness and emotions explode in every shot in perfect harmony with the uncontrollable visions that knows how to bring the same, turning everything into a real event.