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getting married in a villa in Italy

Villa wedding venues in Italy

Get married in great Palace in Italy! All the best villas for your wedding reception

Discover great locations for your wedding in Italy: all the most wanted italian villas to host your reception, available also for online booking! Get in contact with great villa wedding venues in Italy!

Great villas for your wedding reception

If want to plan your wedding in a beautiful Italian villa, Initalywedding is perfect for you! Here you will find hundreds of wonderful location for your wedding in an Italian villa, from those immersed in the green countryside to the sumptuous palaces of historical cities. Our list of villas to get married in Italy,  includes all the best locations, selected one by one, to make your wedding a day  to remember.

Top villas to get married in Italy

Italy offers to couples who want to get married thousands of beautiful location. Throughout the country you can find beautiful villas surrounded by a breathtaking view of green hills, vineyards, wheat fields or secular woods. Among the Italian villas for marriage you can then choose the  dream location for your wedding : a beautiful Renaissance villa in the Chianti countryside, or an opulent palace on the shores of one of the many lakes such as of Como, or, more south, a villa perched on the cliffs of Positano or Amallfi.
The choice of the  best location for your wedding  depends only on your tastes!

Awesome villas wedding venues

Choosing a wedding destination that fulfills your dreams can be an arduous task if done alone. helps you in finding the most suitable villa for wedding ceremony you are planning. You will discover hundreds of different venues in a moment and assess which one is the right for you.
But, if you want, we can also help you in the selection of the palace to get married: contact our expert wedding planner   and rely on his advice  organize the ceremony you've always dreamed of, without stress or complications.

Wedding villa in Italy online booking has chosen the best villas for you to get married in Italy, and offers you the unique opportunity to come in direct contact with them, to request information, and even directly book the site inspection or wedding reception.
Through our unique online weddings booking system, planning your wedding in Italy is as easy as sending an email.  Register now on our website,  to begin to organize every detail of your wedding reception: venue, catering, flowers, music and more, all held together in a convenient wishlist, where to manage everything!

Plan your wedding in an italian Villa not only gives you the opportunity of organizing your own wedding inVilla, but, knowing how difficult it can be  to coordinate all aspects of a perfect wedding ceremony, provides you with a professional wedding planner to take up the planning of every detail of your wedding reception in the villa of your dreams.
Contact now the best Italian wedding planner to start a close collaborative relationship,which will take you to realize the wedding in Italy you have always wanted!

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