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Great locations for a wedding in  Italy

Best wedding locations in Italy

Choose the location for your wedding among our great wedding venues. Get in direct contact with top wedding locations in Italy

So you want to get married in Italy? Check the complete list of italian best wedding locations or find your wedding venues in one of our category on the right. You will find plenty af magnificent locations for your wedding in Italy. Discover magic venues to plan your wedding!

Great wedding locations in Italy offers its visitors a wide range of different wedding locations located in some of the best places all over Italy. You can find your wedding location in one of the astonishing historical cities, or immersed in a magnificent contryside. All the wedding location listed are verified and approved to offer visitor only the best wedding venues available in Italy.

Discover the best wedding locations

Navigating through our wedding location categories, you will find hundreds of great venues for you to get married in Italy, where you can organize your ceremony and/or your wedding reception. Our intent is to give you the unique, opportunity to check, inspect and finally find, the wedding location that best fits your needs in such a special day as your wedding is. We know that the quality offered by the wedding location we list, is a core choosing factor for you, thus our goal is to offer only the best wedding locations in Italy.

Find your preferred wedding locations in Italy

With the help of you can find the perfect locations for your wedding in Italy. All the different wedding venues are divided by region and by category. Thus you can choose to start your search for a wedding destination in Italy from a specific region or, if you already have an idea of the venue type of your wishes, check among the castles, villas, restaurants, hotel, farms or hamlets avaliable for your wedding reception.
For each wedding location, we provide a full description of the the wedding services offered, a complete image gallery, to help you have an idea of the venue, and a full online request form, to get in direct contact with it.

Wedding location online booking has the unique ability to provide you with a complete online wedding booking system, allowing you to exchange messages with the wedding location you choosed, request additional services or more information, and, in the end, book online . You only have to register, and you will have access to all the benefits offered to our top visitors.

  • A wishlist will help you to save and compare different wedding locations: just add your preferred venue to your wishlist to find them always there!
  • Contact all wedding venues to ask them for more information, or to request a site inspection, and finally to book online the location of your choice.
  • Get the help of one of our top wedding planners if you can't find a location that perfectly suites your needs and whishes.

Interact with the wedding venues you choosed

Choosing a wedding location is always an hard work, and knows it. Thus offers you a great messaging system to exchange mails with wedding locations: this will help you to completely understand whath is offered by each wedding venue, and, on the other side, to customize your wedding reception in each aspect. Once again, if you are in trouble, you can ask for the support of one of our italian wedding planners, that are for your complete satisfaction.

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