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Discover great fairytale hamlets to get married in Italy. A wide selection of Italian hamlet wedding venues

Are you dreaming a wedding in a magnificent italian hamlet? Now you can choose one of our top hamlets to host your wedding reception in Italy and have a ceremony just like Cinderella! The magic and romantic atmosphere of an ancient mansion can be the perfect location for your marriage in Italy!

Wedding in an italian hamlet

Discover hundreds of fascinating Italian hamlets to host your wedding reception, just like in a fairy tale. Today you be a princess and organize a wedding in one of the most attractive Italian hamlets., in its selection of charming wedding locations in Italy , gives you the opportunity to discover hamlets with a magically unique atmosphere to host the most impressive wedding ceremony.

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Organize an unusual marriage in Italy by choosing one of our magnificent hamlets, to impress your guests with a regal wedding reception! 
Among all the many  venue for weddings in Italy , hamlets are among the most sought after for their evocative atmosphere, unique and unforgettable. You will amaze guests to your wedding, by planning a dream wedding in one of the most enchanting hamlets in Italy.

Italian wedding in an enchanting hamlet

Which woman has never dreamed of a fairytale wedding in an charmed hamlet, evoking romantic love stories of heroes and ladies. You too can feel like a princess and marry your prince surrounded by a breathtaking scenery.
Now  getting married in Italy   in a beautiful medieval hamlet is possible for everyone, you can simply choose one of our amazing hamlets, to s tart dreaming about the wedding you've always wanted.

Book online your hamlet wedding venue has selected for you the best hamlets wedding destinations in Italy and offers the unique possibility to choose between hundreds of different locations for your wedding scattered throughout Italy.
All our hamlets are at your disposal to help you plan your whole wedding reception in Italy. With our exclusive reservation system we can plan a wedding taylored on your needs : our professional wedding planners can guide you troughout all the outlining process, from the selection of the perfect venue and of all the additional vendors, to the site inpsction and, if you want, also, co-ordinate every details during your wedding reception.
You simply have to register on to discover how it is easy to plan a wedding in Italy!

Discover the best italian wedding hamlets

To make your wedding day to remember a date, not only for you but also for all yourguests, puts a great care in selecting only the most beautiful hamlets that offer the possibility to organize the wedding reception of your dreams, even at an affordable price. Through our wedding planning service, then, you will find a wide selection of different location, from the most expensive and exclusive to that able to meet the needs of those who want to organize a fantastic wedding on a budget.

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