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Best places to get married in Italy

Getting married in Italy made easy! Look up for the best venues to get married in Italy

If you are planning to choose Italy for your wedding, here you can find al lot of great venues to celebrate your marriage and to host the wedding reception, you always dreamed of. Hundreds of different wedding locations, sparsed acrsoss the whole Italian contry, are at your disposal to satisfy any possible wish. Just contact them to set up every detail of your wedding day!

Italian locations to get married

If you are looking for the perfect venue to get married in Italy, is the wedding portal right for you. With our help, you can choose the place for planning the wedding you've always wanted. In our archives, in fact, you can find plenty of locations for weddings, to suit all your needs!
Enter in our various sections, to find out how many venues we offer for your dream wedding!

Wedding day in Italy? Here you can!

Getting married in Italy with today! Begin your search for the perfect wedding destination,  starting from a specific region, and look for magnificent castles, enchanting villas, awesome palaces or peaceful farmhouses.
Contact directly the locations that meets your desires and start to plan every detail of your wedding day: we offer you the exceptional opportunity to find, all in one place, not only the location, but also all those services that are necessary to make really perfect the day of your wedding day.
Besides the greatest wedding venues in Italy, in fact, here you can find caterers, florists, musicians and much more. In a short time and saving lots of money you can organize, easily and all by yourself, the wedding day you've always dreamed of.
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A dream wedding in Italy

A fairytale wedding in Italy is much easier than you think. understands the needs and dreams of couples willing to get married in Italy: for this reason, we've designed a unique system, to enable couples to choose every detail of their wedding day and make it their own.
Italy is one of the most desired destinations to celebrate weddings: from north to south, in fact, infinite are the different locations offering breathtaking views and romantic atrmosfere.Whatever your dream is, we can make it true: whether you are longing to celebrate your wedding on the Amalfi Coast, a wedding in Tuscany or a a wedding in an hystorical city, like the magical atmosphere of Rome, Venice or Florence, with our help, anything is possible.
Do you prefer a wedding ceremony in the open air, surrounded by beautiful hills, on the shores of an enchanting lake or in the sun in one of the beaches of Italian?
With the help of and the support our expert wedding planners, you will see the realization of the perfect wedding in Italy!

Set up your own wedding reception... offers a full wedding planning service. If you wish, you can organize your wedding in Italy alone, by contacting one of the listed Italian wedding locations, and then arrange any other detail, form catering to  flowers, from music to  make-up and trasports using our wedding suppliers menu. Simply register on this site to start planning your wedding day.

...or enthrust one of our italian wedding planners!

That of your marriage is a special and magical day, where all the details should be planned in order to make the wedding reception running smoothly and without any difficulty or issue. Knowing this, not only selects the italian wedding destinations listed, but also any other vendor proposed, making also available  a wedding planner, in order ensure the perfect success of the wedding ceremony.

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Website dedicated to wedding planning, offers couples who dream of a wedding in Italy, the ability to easily find the perfect location to celebrate their marriage and to organize the reception they've always wanted.

Professional wedding planners will help you, if you wish, to draw up all details for the success of your wedding day. In this way you can forget all the stress and difficulties To organize a wedding alone.

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