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Locations to get married in Latium

Top wedding locations of Latium

Choose a great wedding venues in Latium, to plan your wedding in Italy! Locations for your wedding in Rome and all over Latium!

Discover how to easily plan your marriage reception in Latium! We selected for you hundreds of different locations for weddings in Latium: magnificent buildings in Rome, overlooking the ancient Roman Forum or the Colosseum, romantic villas in the beautiful Lazio countryside, hotels on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and much more!

Best locations for your wedding in Latium

Among all the italian wedding venues, venues of Latium are the most wanted by italian and foreign couples, for that charming atmosphere that makes unique a wedding in Latium. Search your italian wedding destination betrween hundreds of glorious castles, magnificents villas, romantic farmhouses and astonishing palaces scattered throughout the whole Latium.
If you are planning a wedding location in Italy, one of the great venues in Latium could be the perfect choice to host your wedding reception! Search in our regional menu (on the right) or contact our wedding planner!

Superb wedding venues in latium

Of all the different places to get married in Italy, Latium is an astonishing region that, due to its secular history and geographical configuration, has all the necessary features to plan a wedding reception that will amaze of all your guests.

Latium is a sunny region of central Italy that, with its three thousand years of history, has a great heritage as well as an incredibly rich and varied landscape. Therefore every each couple has many alternatives for the choice of the perfect location to host their wedding reception in Latium.

Wedding Venues in Rome

Rome is not only the city with the highest concentration in the world of historical and artistic assets, but also the city of La Dolce Vita, of happiness, with a carefree atmosphere that still lingers between the squares and alleys of this fascinating city ​​where the antique blends with the modern in a natural and harmonious way.

What is more exciting than walking through the ancient streets with the traditional carriage of Rome, to arrive at the Red Room in the Campidoglio or in a converted church near Caracalla to celebrate a civil marriage?
What could be more thrilling than reaching one of the many majestic churches and basilicas of the city center, stopping at the eighteenth-century Trevi Fountain to perform the propitiation ritual of the coin toss, that, besides meaning a future return to the city, was once also a sign loyalty and good wishes.
What could be more fun than submitting future spouse to the test of the mouth of truth?
Rome is this: it is both sacred and profane, ancient and modern genius and recklessness.

Many are the places and choreographic views for a great photoshoot with all the guests to your marriage: well suited for group photos are the colorful Spanish Steps, Cordonata Capitoline, the Colosseum, Circus Maximus, the Roman Forum, the idyllic park of Villa Borghese, or the panoramic terrace of the Pincio.
Rome is also full of restaurants, hotels with beautiful roof garden  and villas with private park where to plan your wedding reception and sometimes the civil ceremony.

Getting married in Latium

Outside Rome, it is possible to find delicious farmhouses, cottages, castles and hamlets.
To the south-east of Rome, in a panoramic countryside, lies the area of the Castelli Romani, with its beautiful villas and romantic villages scattered across the Roman countryside, its small lakes set in the large natural park of Colli Albani, its majestic castles that offer spectacular views.
Magical places where you can plan a sumptuous wedding reception.

And then there's Tivoli, a charming small town northeast of Rome that houses many wedding venues and that, among the others, has two jewels of rare beauty where you can make a photo of unforgettable charm: Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este , with its beautiful formal gardens where hundreds fountains create stunning water features.

To the north of Rome then extends the striking Tuscia, a fascinating territory once inhabited by the Etruscans, whose civilization left many archaeological sites, while countless medieval villages, magnificent palaces and endless beautiful scenery make this region particularly attractive.

For your dream wedding are  worth mentioning, also, the romantic lake of Vico, that of Bolsena  and of course the lake of Bracciano, paradisiacal location to say your  "I Do”, chosen also by many celebrities, including Tom Cruise.

The territory Viterbo is also rich in thermal springs, which offer interesting venues for an unusual  wedding reception, made perfect by a renowned culinary tradition of this privileged land.

Weddings by the seaside

Even for those loving the seaside, Latium offers different wedding locations: in fact, a few kilometers south of Rome, there are delightful seaside towns which are well placed to host a wedding on the shore of a beautiful blue sea: the archipelago of the Pontine Islands, the picturesque Gaeta and Sperlonga are attractive villages that still retain the charm of old times.
Santa Marinella, the "pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea", is an astonishing small village dating back to the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, that offers a privileged seaside wedding venue, surrounded by unspoiled nature.

Breathtaking views, Mediterranean climate, history, gastronomy tradition of high standard and refined places ... This is the setting for your wedding reception in Latium.

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