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Getting married in Veneto; wedding locations in Venice, Verona and Garda Lake

Popular wedding locations in Veneto

The complete selection of great wedding venues in Veneto! Choose to get married in Italy in an extraordinary location!

We have selected for you the best wedding locations in Veneto. You can choose to realize your planning your dream wedding in Venice and Verona, or choose one of the other great cities of Veneto. For an unusual marriage, the venues on the shores of Lake Garda or surrounded by the Alps are perfect for you!

Best wedding venues in Veneto

Of all the italian wedding locations, venues in Veneto are among the most pupular both for italianian and foreign couples, for the unique romantic aura that that surrounds cities like Venice or Verona, but not only. You can choose your italian wedding destination among hundreds majestic palaces, palladian villas, farms surrounded by infinite vineyards or small chalets perched on the alps.
In you want a wedding venue in Italy, one of the dazzling locations in Veneto could be your first choice to host an unforgettable wedding reception! Search in our regional menu (on the right) or contact top italian wedding planner !

Choose Veneto for your wedding reception

Among all the different places to get married in Italy, wedding venues in Venice and in Veneto can add a great touch of romaticism to your marriage ceremony, for their unique halo of mistery and enchanting scenery essential to plan a wedding reception that will amaze all your guests.
Planning your marriage in Veneto,  means getting married in the region of the two cities of the Eternal Love, Verona and Venice, with their enticing monuments dating back to Roman times and their majestic Gothic and Renaissance palaces.
But Veneto is also Dolomites, Lake Garda, Sea, Cities of Art. The landscape varies along with the character you want to give your ceremony and wedding reception.

Wedding locations in Verona

If you are romantic, definitely you would love the opportunity to celebrate your  marriage in the house of Juliet, in the heart of the beautiful city of Verona. Yes, the very popular Juliet by Shakespeare that overlooking from the balcony of his home was trading promises of love with her ​​Romeo. You too can access that balcony with "your Romeo" and take a photo that will testify love forever.

Wedding venues in Venice

What could be more romantic than getting married in Venice in the beautiful town hall of the Palazzo Cavalli, a historical building of XVI century. You will enjoy the breathtaking views on the Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge, while a gondola awaits you at the exit and you cruise along the beautiful canals of Venice, sipping a glass of champagne, while your gondoliers sings a serenade.

If you want a more traditional wedding, certainly you can plan your wedding reception in Veneto in one of the splendid Palladian villas that dot the majestic territory of Veneto, and that well represent the charm and the elegance ancient times: Vicenza, Padua, Treviso ... with their masterpieces attributed to Donatello, Giotto, Giorgione, Titian and Tintoretto.

Wedding destinations by the Alps

If your dream is a wedding in close contact with nature, the Dolomites are undoubtedly a magical place, with their colors that blend in the eyes of lovers, where you can touch the sky with a finger.
Villages adorned with intimate country churches that look like they stepped out of a fairytale, blue lakes almost suspended in the air accompanied only by the sound of silence, stretches of fir trees that cover huge snow-capped mountains.
Fort an unusual wedding you could get to your wedding location on a sled pulled by beautiful horses, while a soft white blanket protects you and your love from the bitter cold of alpine winter.

Get married on Lake Garda

With its Mediterranean flavor, the beautiful Lake Garda is a unique wedding location where to realize your dreams. Many are the wedding venues on Lake Garda with breathtaking views where you can plan a fairytale marriage reception: a landscape where palm trees, olive trees, lemon and orange trees alternate to create a unique and unrepeatable scenery that would amaze your guests.
In many wedding venues of Garda Lake you can also take a civil marriage that can be held, also outdoors in extensive gardens stretching down to the lake or on terraces overlooking the lake and mountains, or even in one of the astonishing halls of magnificent castles and prestigious palaces scattered in the pretty countryside of Lake Garda.

Wedding by the mediterranean sea

The Adriatic Coast with its 150km of coastline will surprise you with its dazzling wedding venues overlooking the sea: you could plan your wedding reception in a private beach or along a fantastic swimming pool surrounded by a gardens and flowers: charming locations to share with relatives and friends the most important day of your life.

Veneto is not only famous worldwide for its unique places, majestic and beautiful, but also for its culinary and wine tradition that has kept intact the tastes and pleasures of past times.

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